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Looking for tech startups and a club defined by trust, growth and respect?

Growceanu is a group of business angels, active primarily in high-tech areas that contribute with money, professional and business expertise and personal connections to the development of tech startups with high potential of growth.

  • Events (Pitching, Networking, Matchmaking, Learning)
  • Deal services (Deal Flow, Due Diligence, Company Valuation, Deal Terms)
  • Consultance (Strategic Path, Team Synergy, Digital Systems, Culture Signature)

Experience mixed with Knowledge.

Growceanu Events




Fairy Tale : Beginnings

Growceanu Launch Event

  • Jan 22, 2019
  • Angel Investment

What is a business angel? How do we work together?

We meet Philippe Gluntz, the president of Business Angels Europe and the coordinator of the ESIL program, in which Growceanu is involved.




First Chapter

Due Diligence & Company Valuation

  • April 06, 2019
  • Due Diligence

Our special guest Brigitte Baumann was European Investor of the Year from EBAN in May 2015. We’ll work together with Brigitte for 12 hours covering Due Diligence and Company Valuation topics directly on 3 local startups.

Grow with Us!

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Grow with us!

Who we are

Saints Keeper

Adrian Erimescu

Tech entrepreneur with 20 years experience in developing business systems and safe speed lover.

Angels Keeper

Ciprian Man

Supportive leader, mentor, tech entrepreneur. Loves connecting with potential business angels and promising startups.

Growth Navigator

Dan Bugariu

Dan observes, evaluates and guides progress.

Angels Propeller

Radu Ticiu

Radu is a veteran tech entrepreneurial ecosystem facilitator, informal education innovator and startup adviser.

Fire Starter

Val Muresan

Action driven community believer, happy family man, cowboy during weekends. Working in IT sector for over 20 years.

The Prophet

Adrian Gheorghe

I believe that creating value for others is one of the most fulfilling mission that I could have. Service to many leads to great satisfaction.

Let's grow together!

Frequently Asked Questions
Growceanu is a group of people, business angel investors, active, first of all in high-tech industries, who contribute with money, professional and business experience, respectively with connections from our personal network with the purpose of developing startups with high potential of growth.
We fill the gap left by the need for an actor to connect all stakeholders (startups and investors) interested in investment opportunities in businesses that have a high potential return. Growceanu builds a process and an ecosystem which will quantify and indirectly will reduce the risks of these investments.
It will make the startup investments more accessible for many local investors, through syndication ( lower value per investment + larger investments & many = lower risk ).
Growceanu is addressing to those people with proven expertise in carrying out professional and business activities in various industries, capable of providing financial resources, expertise, etc. to startup beneficiaries, through individual investments or within an investment group aggregated as a member of Growceanu.
You are preparing your startup pitch deck. You get in touch with Growceanu. We understand your value proposition and guide you further towards resources and / or mentors to develop the idea better, or introduce you to our assessment system. We want to give you the opportunity to present yourself to our investors in the quarterly events we are organizing.
1. What do I have to do?
  • I'm documenting about Growceanu's activity.
  • Become a member of Growceanu.
  • Investing my time, participating in periodic events.
  • Deciding that I want to invest my expertise and money.
  • Support the startups where I invest.
  • I'm looking for results much higher than the initial investment.
2. What resources can I invest?
  • Time.
  • Expertise.
  • Personal Network.
  • Money.
3. The journey that awaits me??
  • I'm doing my own research.
  • I become a member.
  • Participate in periodic events.
  • I invest resources.
  • Type of results that I get: legacy, knowledge, network, brand, money and energy.
Short term
  • Develop a portfolio of services for business angels..
  • Create a network / community local / regional of active business angels.
  • Facilitate business angel investment in regional startups.
  • Connect the regional business angels network with similar networks at national and international level.
Long term
  • To contribute to the development of the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem in Timisoara and in the region.
  • Contribute to defining the overall legal framework for economic and social development by investing in startups and other business categories..
  • Participate in the discussion and development of public policies in the field of economic development.
Team-up, grow & joy with us!